INFN Sezione di Trieste

CMS Trieste Group

Responsibilities in CMS


S. Belforte
CMS distributed analysis operations group co-coordinator

V. Candelise
GEN Monte Carlo tuning and physics comparison group co-coordinator

M. Casarsa
MTD simulation and reconstruction co-coordinator

F. Cossutti
CMS release planning operations group co-coordinator
MTD institution board member
MTD simulation and reconstruction developer

G. Della Ricca
ECAL institution and financial board chair
ECAL steering committee member (ex-officio)
ECAL conference committee member (ex-officio)
ECAL editorial board member (ex-officio)
CMS publications committee member
CMS collaboration board member


F. Ambroglini
CMS simulation group co-coordinator

S. Belforte
CMS computing analysis operations group co-coordinator
CMS computing commissioning group co-coordinator
CMS computing physics support group co-coordinator

M. Casarsa
TK track-trigger developer

V. Candelise
SMP generators group contact person
MUO generators group contact person

F. Cossutti
ECAL simulation group coordinator
CMS simulation group co-coordinator
CMS generators group co-coordinator
CMS deputy offline group coordinator
CMS extended executive board member
CMS standard model physics analysis group co-convenor

G. Della Ricca
ECAL data quality monitoring group co-coordinator
ECAL activities national responsible
ECAL institution board member
ECAL steering committee member
CMS data quality monitoring group co-coordinator
CMS physics validation team co-coordinator
CMS extended executive board member

B. Gobbo
ECAL simulation validation operator

M. Marone
ECAL prompt feedback group co-coordinator

A. Penzo
HCAL forward project coordinator

A. M. Zanetti
TK track-trigger developer