INFN Sezione di Trieste

CMS Trieste Group



S. Belforte
CMS analysis infrastructure and support group coordinator

V. Candelise
LHC Electro-Weak - jets and EW bosons working group coordinator
CMS standard model physics V+Jets analysis group coordinator

M. Casarsa
MTD simulation and reconstruction coordinator

F. Cossutti
MTD institution board member
MTD simulation and reconstruction developer

A. Da Rold
SMP generators group contact person

G. Della Ricca
ECAL institution board chair
ECAL steering committee member (ex-officio)
ECAL conference committee member (ex-officio)
ECAL editorial board member (ex-officio)
CMS publications committee member
CMS collaboration board member

F. Vazzoler
EGM generators group contact person


F. Ambroglini
CMS simulation group coordinator

S. Belforte
CMS computing analysis operations group coordinator
CMS computing commissioning group coordinator
CMS computing physics support group coordinator
CMS distributed analysis operations group coordinator

M. Casarsa
TK track-trigger developer

V. Candelise
SMP generators group contact person
MUO generators group contact person
GEN Monte Carlo tuning and physics comparison group coordinator

F. Cossutti
ECAL simulation group coordinator
CMS simulation group coordinator
CMS generators group coordinator
CMS deputy offline group coordinator
CMS extended executive board member
CMS standard model physics analysis group coordinator CMS release planning operations group coordinator

G. Della Ricca
ECAL data quality monitoring group coordinator
ECAL activities national responsible
ECAL institution board member
ECAL steering committee member
CMS data quality monitoring group coordinator
CMS physics validation team coordinator
CMS extended executive board member

B. Gobbo
ECAL simulation validation operator

M. Marone
ECAL prompt feedback group coordinator

A. Penzo
HCAL forward project coordinator

A. M. Zanetti
TK track-trigger developer