INFN Sezione di Trieste

CMS Trieste Group



G. Calucci, E. Cattaruzza, A. Del Fabbro and D. Treleani
Parton correlations and multi-parton exclusive cross sections
HERA and the LHC (DESY, 12-16/03/2007)

Daniele Treleani
Double parton scattering, diffraction and effective cross section
CMS Week (CERN, 18/09/2007)

Fabio Cossutti
CMS: risultati di fisica e contributi italiani
Riunione Commissione Scientifica Nazionale 1 (Catania, 01/10/2014)

Chiara La Licata
PDF measurements at the LHC (jet, V+jet, photons)
SM@LHC 2014: Standard Model at LHC 2014, Madrid, 08-11/04/2014

Fabio Cossutti
Production of vector bosons and jets at CMS
37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (Valencia, 02-09/07/2014)

Vieri Candelise
Study of heavy flavour and vector bosons associate production at CMS
BEACH 2014: XI International Conference on Hyperons, Charm and Beauty Hadrons, Birmingham, 21-26/07/2014

Andrea Schizzi
QCD & V+jets
LaThuile 2015: XXIXth Rencontres de Physique de la Vallee d'Aoste, (La Thuile, 01-07/03/2015)

Vieri Candelise
CMS V+jets results
LHCP2015: The 3rd Conference on Large Hadron Collider Physics, Saint Petersburg, 31/08-05/09/2015)

Vieri Candelise
Measurements of Vector Boson plus jets with the ATLAS and CMS detectors
ISMD2015: XLV International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics, Bildungszentrum Wildbad Kreuth, 05-09/10/2015)

Computing Integration

Stefano Belforte
Integration Plan
CPT Annual Review (CERN, 03/11/2005)

Stefano Belforte
CMS-LCG Integration Task Force
CMS Week - CPT sessions (CERN, 21/09/2005)

ECAL Data Quality Monitoring

Giuseppe Della Ricca
Data Quality Monitoring for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter
DPG Meeting (CERN, 25/10/2007)

Giuseppe Della Ricca
Data Quality Monitoring for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter
CHEP 2007 (Victoria, BC, Canada, 02-07/09/2007)

Giuseppe Della Ricca
Data Quality Monitoring for the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter
10th Topical Seminar on Innovative article and Radiation Detectors (Siena, Italy, 01-05/10/2006)

Benigno Gobbo
ECAL DQM - General introduction and trigger specific ideas
ECAL trigger primitives workshop (CERN, 28/04/2006)

Giuseppe Della Ricca
ECAL Monitoring & DQM
ECAL-egamma: Progress in CMSSW (CERN, 23/11/2005)

Giuseppe Della Ricca
Ecal Data Quality Monitoring, integration in CMSSW
ECAL Test Beam and Pre-Calibration meeting (CERN, 03/11/2005)

ECAL Simulation

Fabio Cossutti
Tutorial on the CMS simulation production in the CMSSW framework
CPT Week (CERN, 11/05/2006)

Fabio Cossutti
ECAL Simulation and geometry for the 2006 test beam campaign
ECAL Week - Test Beam meeting (CERN, 27/04/2006)

Fabio Cossutti
ECAL Simulation status and Validation
CMS Week - CPT Session (CERN, 14/03/2006)

Fabio Cossutti
ECAL Simulation for 2006 Test Beams
Test Beam Workshop (CERN, 25/01/2006)